Below are a list of personal investments. Please feel free to contact me for any information or introduction to any of the companies highlighted. 

Established in 2010 and aquired in 2015 by Abcam (LON: ABC), Firefly BioWorks uses proprietary technology (Optical Liquid Stamping) to design and produce instruments and molecular diagnostic assays for rapid detection of clinically relevant biomarkers, with particular expertise in miRNA profiling and flow cytometry. Their mission is to unlock the full diagnostic and preventive potential of the information already present in clinical samples, by leveraging on the advantages of our technology platform.

Established in 2013, InvisionHeart is a 510k approved wireless, diagnostic quality, 12 lead electrocardiograph system that utilizes a cloud based storage system for communication provider-to-provider. Our proprietary device is significantly smaller than conventional EKGs allowing the use of the technology in caring for patients in ambulatory care centers, nursing homes, and in patient homes. InvisionHeart is additionally developing an over-read service to enable a cardiologist's interpretation of EKGs from patients outside of the traditional hospital system.

Established in 2014, Thrive Bioscience is a scientific automation company tackling the cell-culture industry, building smater, cheaper, and more versitile culture systems so that no post-doc ever has to come in during the middle of the night again.

Established in 2012, NextGxDx is the premier Online Genetics Testing Marketplace with EHR integration capability for healthcare professionals to search, compare and order genetic tests from the most comprehensive database (over 10,000 tests) in the US. The company provides clinical decision support tools to help health care professionals better filter their search criteria in order to find the right test for the disorder the first time, as well as providing the back end analytics for service providers and payors to manage the order data. NextGxDx is designed to make the process of genetic testing simpler. Empowered by an intuitive user interface, physicians and other healthcare professionals can now access up to date listings of all genetic tests from CLIA/FDA certified laboratories, order tests online, and receive results electronically.

Established in 2014, With unparalleled scale in laboratory automation and computation, Zymergen builds and optimizes the microbes that serve as cellular factories in the $100B+ industrial biotech sector. Zymergen's products -- optimized cellular factories -- drop directly into our customers' existing bio-manufacturing workflows for immediate impact on their bottom line without additional investments in infrastructure and capital equipment. Zymergen employs Radical Empiricism to design, generate, and optimize microbes by rewriting their DNA. Our approach combines biology, robotic automation, and proprietary computational and analytic methods to industrialize what to date has been a slow, risky, essentially artisanal process. A key element of our success is our ability to apply the latest in Big Data technology and machine learning techniques. As a result, we generate microbes that produce novel chemicals, advanced materials, and pharmaceuticals far faster and at lower costs than competing technology.